Dance History / Mission

The Denver Daughters Dance was started in 2011 by a group of parents sitting around a card table talking about the importance of a positive male role model in their daughter’s lives.   The firm belief that strong and confident daughters grow into strong and confident women led to the creation of the Denver Daughter Dance.   The first dance was held in the basement of the Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, with those same parents decorating, marketing, planning, and cleaning up.   Popular from it’s onset, the Dance moved to the Park Hill Golf Club and the numbers continued to grow each year.   The 2016 dance was the last year at the golf club as the organizers were forced to cut off registration due to demand exceeding the club’s capacity. The dance moved to the Hangar at The Stanley near Stapleton the next year and will remain there for many years!   

While the venue and organizers have changed, the mission of those original families remain.  The dance is an opportunity for us to set an example for our daughters to expect as they grow into young adults and beyond.   One key to a great daughter date is to really focus on her, and nothing else.  Limit checking e-mail, texts and phone calls.  She senses and knows if you are not giving her your full attention. Be where you are, especially during these precious moments.  Model the behavior you want her to expect from future suitors.  Demonstrate what to expect from prospective dates.  Talk to her in a respectful tone and manner.  Model the art of conversation.  Open the door for her.  Pull out her chair.  Look in her eyes when she is talking.  Of course this all seems elementary, but all of us need reminding from time to time.

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